About Us


Established in 2004 and headquartered in the high-tech core area of Suzhou, China, Suzhou Honbest Ultra Clean Technology Co., Ltd. specialize in providing one -stop solution for customers . We have completed products line from disposable items, anti static products, personal protective products to large equipment .We believe that Science Makes Clean future ! Honbest as a group now has developed 5 subsidiaries : Yike Medical Co., Ltd. Chaojing Yigou Co., Ltd. Kaihong Shengshi Co., Ltd. XinJiang Lester Packing Co., ltd. Suzhou Liberty Information Co., Ltd. involving medical industry, semi-conductor industry , polycrystalline silicon industry and IT area .


We honor the culture of: believe, honesty, responsibility, cooperation, creation. When the COVID -19 spread, Honbest is the pioneer to recover production during Spring festive in order to support anti-disease war. As a responsible enterprise we have kept donated medical masks to local government till today. Honbest has formed a strong alliance with more than 50 famous enterprises both at home and abroad like TOP Glove, ANSELL, 3M, Mitsubishi, etc. With its strong brand influence, Honbest has provided professional service  such as, Panasonic, Sumsung, LG, Quntron, Wistron, GCL, Tevatron, etc.


After more than 18 years of continuous development and innovation, HONBEST  now has become China's leading and world-renowned wholesaler & manufacturer. Our branches distributes all over China in Dongguan, Chengdu, Wuhan, Xinjiang, Neimengu. We have kept providing service for to more than 1000 famous high-tech manufacturing factories worldwide Panasonic,  Sumsung, LG, Quntron, Wistron, GCL, Tevatron, etc from Korea, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Indonesia , Vietnam, UK, Romania, Canada  and gained a favorable reception from our clients.

With the time come to 21st century, we rely on the fast development internet technology and create a new mould of business type: e-commerce platform of our own brand. We believe that with our consist effort our company will become a world famous enterprise.